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All About OneHome WiFi

What is OneHome WiFi?

Say goodbye to spotty WiFi coverage and dead zones! OneHome WiFi is a WiFi solution that creates seamless WiFi coverage in and around your home. This product is not the same as an extender which creates a separate WiFi network in your home that only extends on a set path as opposed to seamless coverage. Typically, extenders don't deliver optimum WiFi speed or coverage. One's eero devices are constantly communicating with each other to monitor WiFi performance and to deliver signal and speed to areas where users are located. 

Will my modem work with OneHome WiFi?

As long as you have a Hitron wireless modem and subscribe to a Fibrewire Internet plan, you are good to go! 

How do I sign up for OneHome WiFi?

Visit any One retail location to add OneHome WiFi to your account and take home your eero units that day. You'll enjoy your first month free plus a speed boost you can enjoy as long as you subscribe to the eero devices. After you connect the devices at home, call 700-7000 so a friendly One representative can complete the set up process. 

How much is OneHome WiFi?

We offer the eero devices as a monthly rental. Most customers use the 3 pack (1 main unit and 2 additional units) for a $20/mo. rental fee. If you have a small space then you may only need the 2 pack (1 main unit and 1 additional unit) for $14/mo.  If you find you need more coverage, you can rent additional beacons for $5/mo. per beacon. 
If you subscribe to Smart Internet, you receive your first unit for free and have the option of adding more units for $5/unit/month.

What features come with OneHome WiFi?

The eero app provides the following features:
  1. Download and upload speeds
  2. Which devices are connected to your WiFi network and which are idle vs. in use
  3. Status of the main unit and beacons (online or offline)
  4. Your WiFi network name and password-so handy!
  5. Parental controls-a parent's best friend!  Create profiles for each device and set times to suspend access to your WiFi network.
  6. Nightlight
  7. Create guest network. This gives them access to the internet but blocks users from accessing network files, streaming audio and controlling your smart devices.

How do I set up the eero devices?

The devices are easy to set up using the eero mobile app. The app walks you through each step and assists you with placing the units in the best locations in your home to maximize performance. Please note-You must have Bluetooth turned ON on your mobile device.

After you have completed setting up your eero devices, call 700-7000 to speak with a friendly One representative to have the OneHome WiFi plan added to your account.
Once the plan is added, the wireless setting in your modem will automatically turn OFF so wireless can flow from the eero devices.

To set up your new One Home WiFi units:


How do I add eero units after my initial set up?

1. Plug in your additional eero unit

2. On the eero app, click the + symbol in the upper right hand corner

3. Choose Add an eero Device

4. Choose Continue with SetUp

5. Chose the type of eero unit you would like to add

    eero Pro=flat eero gateway

    eero=smaller unit that can be used as a gateway or additional unit. If you installed Smart Internet in December 2019, you would automatically have received this type of unit.

    Beacon=unit that plugs into an outlet. You may have received this type of unit prior to December 2019.

6. Follow the prompts on the app. The app will first look for your unit and then confirm if the placement/location is optimal before establishing a connection to your network.

If the unit won't connect to the internet, move it closer to the gateway (connected to your modem) to establish connectivity and then move it to the desired location.

Feature Instructions

Home Screen-View eero unit WiFi signal strength, user profiles, connected device WiFi signal strength

  How do I  view download and upload speeds and run a speed test?

  Tap Internet to view current speeds.
  Tap "Run speed test" for a new speed test



     View or Change your WiFi network name and password

      Tap the Settings icon (gear) at the bottom of the Home Screen

      Tap Name to change your WiFi network name
      Tap Password to view or change your WiFi password


        How do I set up parental controls?

          If you have already set up profiles for your household users:
          Tap the Profile you want to add or change settings for on the Home screen.
            To create new user Profiles, tap the + icon in the upper right hand corner of the Home Screen and choose Add Profile
            Enter the Profile name
            Edit or add Profile Settings
            Add a Device: Select the user's device from the list then click Done
                Schedule Pauses for WiFi Access
                Choose a Profile then choose Add a Scheduled Pause

    Set Schedule to ON       
    Enter the Schedule Name       
    Enter the Start Time and End Time
    Check the boxes for the days of the week you want the pause applied to
    Tap SAVE

      I would like to get a notification when a device is added/joins my WiFi network.

       Go to Settings and choose Notifications

       How do I create a guest network for temporary users?

        If you want temporary users to have access to a Guest WiFi network:
        On the Home screen, tap the + icon in the upper right hand corner
        Choose Invite a Guest
           Turn Guest Network ON
           Provide user with Guest Network name
           Tap on the Guest Network name if you wish to change it

Troubleshooting your eero devices

Frankly, you may never need to use these steps but just in case:

WiFi coverage area decreases or signal is spotty.
1. Check the app for the statuses of your main unit and beacons. 
    App home screen->If you see either the main or beacon outlined in red, you have a connectivity issue.
    Unplug the unit in red and plug it back in.
2. Verify which eero unit your device is connected to.  Your device might be connected to a beacon that isn't placed in the
     best location for optimal signal. Rebooting your OneHome WiFi system can correct this.
     Menu->Network Settings->Scroll down and tap Advanced Settings->Restart Network
3. On the app, if a beacon still appears in red, try plugging that beacon in to another outlet to see if the signal improves.
4. If you're still experiencing issues, call 700-7000 to speak with a friendly One representative.