All About and Email

All About and Email

Does One still offer email addresses?

One no longer activates new email accounts. Because email service falls under internet, customers who currently have a, or email address will continue to have access as long as they subscribe to a One internet service. 

How can I access my or email account?

On click the Menu icon at the top of the home page then choose Webmail

Click Go to Webmail
Enter your full email address followed by your password then click Sign In.

How do I add my or email address to my mobile phone?


IMAP-Use if you have your email address added to multiple devices.
IMAP does not allow you to delete emails from the device. You must delete emails by logging into Webmail from our website.
POP3-Use if you are adding your email address to one device. POP allows you to delete emails from your device.

Outgoing and Incoming Email Server Settings for and

SMTP Settings: Incoming and Outgoing Port Numbers for IMAP and POP


Incoming: 993
Outgoing: 465

Incoming: 995
Outgoing: 465


1. Tap Settings then choose Passwords & Accounts
2.Tap Add Account then choose your email provider
3. Tap Next then wait for Mail to verify your account
4. Choose information from your email account like Contacts or Calendar
5. Tap Save

1. Tap Settings then choose Accounts
2. Tap + Add Account
3. Choose Personal (IMAP) or Personal (POP3)
4. Enter your email address 
5. Choose the type of email account
6. Enter your email password then tap Next

How do I add my or email to Outlook 2013?

How do I change my email password?

If you know your current email password and want to change it, please log into Webmail via and follow these steps:
1. Choose Settings then click the Password tab
2. Under Password Modification  Enter your current password then enter your new password. Reenter your new password to confirm.

I forgot my email password.

Forgot your password? Follow these steps:

1. Choose Settings then click the Password tab
2. Under Forgotten Password Recovery: Enter teh email address where you would like to receive your Password

I'm not receiving my emails.

Unless you had previously purchased extra inbox storage, your email inbox can store up to 30 mb. If your incoming email has attachments such as documents or photos, your inbox space
will be consumed fairly quickly. It's important to delete old or unwanted emails on a regular basis to keep your inbox free to receive emails.

My emails are not being received

1. Your outbox might be full. Open your Sent folder and delete old sent emails to free up space.
2. Ask the recipient to check their Junk or Spam folder as the email might have landed in one of those folders.
    If the email did land there, ask the recipient to add your email to their contacts so your emails will land in their inbox going forward.

How do I forward my or emails to another email address?

Please call 700-7000 and choose the option for Internet to speak with a friendly One representative for assistance. 

How can I tell if an email is a scam or fraudulent?

We refer to this as phishing. Look for these red flags in the email:
1. Spelling is incorrect
2. There is a call to action. 
    E.g. Reply Immediately, Respond today, Get Started Now
3. They are reporting that there's an issue with your account
4. They are requesting your personal information
    E.g. Send your username and password
           Reply back with your banking information
5. Report the email to One by calling 700-7000.

Never provide any personal information to the sender.

Email phishing example