All About OneBill

All About OneBill

Can I combine my One bills together?

Absolutely! Just call us at 700-7000 and listen for the prompt for OneBill to speak with a friendly One representative. No more account confusion or misapplied payments!

Are there any requirements to combine my bills?

We merge your accounts onto either an existing mobile account or an existing cable account. 
  1. Only the account holder(s) are authorized to request the change
  2. The originating account(s) must have a 0.00 balance. Originating accounts are accounts you are moving to another account.
  3. The destination account must be active.The destination account is the account you are moving your other accounts to.

Can I merge my account with someone else's?

Yes, you can. If your name is not listed as an account holder or co-account holder on the destination account, then yourself and the other account holder must visit a retail location with valid photo I.D. and a friendly One representative will process your request. 
If the other account holder is overseas, they are required to email permission to merge the accounts to along with a copy of their valid photo I.D. 

What will my first bill look like after I merge my accounts?

The first merged bill will have prorated charges for the transferred services from the date your accounts were merged until the end of the same month.
The final bill on the previous account may have a credit balance which we will happily transfer to the new OneBill. Please email to request a transfer of a credit balance. 



Once you have OneBill, be mindful of your account number and update your online banking details if necessary. 

     Can I pay for a single service with OneBill?


Charges due for service are at the account level so the account balance must be paid in full by the due date to avoid service disruption.