FibreWire TV Features and How to Use Them

FibreWire TV Features and How to Use Them

Home Menu

Press the Home button on your remote to access the Home Menu options.
If your box is connected to One's FibreWire Internet, you will see more options in your Home Menu.

Subscribe to Premium Channels

Want to subscribe to a premium channel like HBO or Flow Sports? No need to call us, simply use your remote!

When you are on the channel you currently don't subscribe to but want to add, you'll see a screen message with a Subscribe option.
1. Press OK on your remote
2. The premium channel and monthly fee appears-Press OK on your remote again
3. You'll see a confirmation message to confirm that the channel has been added.
You now have access to the premium channel. Enjoy!

Startover/Restart TV 
Don't you hate when you miss the beginning of your show or that movie you finally have time to watch? With 2 clicks of your remote, you can start your program over from the beginning as long as the program is still in progress. i.e. If the program has already finished then Startover won't be available.
1. On the channel, press the OPT Options) button on your remote
2. Choose Startover then press the OK button on the remote.
If you want to access live TV channels again, hit the X button.
*Please note that if you press the X button to exit but want to return to the program you started over, you will have to press the OPT button to set Startover again.

Timeshift aka Pause
Have to run out to pick up the kids or make a snack in the middle of your favourite show? Just hit the Pause button on the remote . You can pause for up to two hours so no need to run!
On the channel, press the Play/Pause button on your remote. To resume watching, press the Pause/Play button on the remote.
If you want to access live TV channels again, hit the X button.

Favourites (Exclusive to One FibreWire Internet customers)
Choose your favourite channels then filtre the guide so that you only see your favourite channels

To program your favourite channels all at once:
1. Press the Home Menu button
2. Choose Settings
3. Choose General
4. Scroll down to Favourites and press the OK button
    You will see a channel list. Press the OK button for each channel you want to add to your favourites.

To choose your favourite channels one at a time:
1. On the channel, press the OPT button
2. Favourites->Press the OK button

We love this feature! See what your fellow FibreWire TV audience members are watching.
1. Press the Home Menu button
2. Choose Trending.


Check out Highlights to see featured programs and schedule recordings for your favourite programs including series and movies.
1. Press the Home Menu button
2.Choose Highlights

Filtre the Guide by Program Genre or Favourites

Not a channel surfer? No worries. You can filtre your guide so that you only see the genre of programs or your favourite channels.
Press the guide shortcut button on your remote. 

Press the OPT (Options) button

Use the left and right arrow keys to choose a genre or your favourites then click the OK button.
It's easy to forget that you have set your guide to filtre. To set your guide back to see all programming, in the Guide, press the OPT button and choose All.

Advanced Search (Exclusive to One fibrewire Internet customers)

Find programs by title or even actor. 
1. Press the Search button.

2. Use the arrow keys around the OK button to enter the title or use keywords like an actor's name. You'll see related program suggestions on the right.
3. Press the right arrow key to highlight a suggestion or use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through the suggestions.
4. Press OK on the remote to choose your program

Cloud DVR 
Historically, your recordings were stored on a drive in the DVR and allowed you up to 90 hours of recording time. With Cloud DVR, your recordings are stored in an internet database and you have flexibility with recording times. It's easy to manage your block of recording time. You can delete episodes or entire series any time you like. Are you a binge watcher? You'll love that our Cloud DVR feature will crawl the channels to find all the episodes for each season of your favourite series. Please note that the Cloud DVR feature requires One FibreWire Internet.

Watch anywhere!

Whatever you record can be accessed in any room in your home or while you're on the go with the FibreWire TV mobile app. We recommend using the app on WiFi to avoid exceeding your mobile data allowance.
Click here to view our Cloud DVR packages.
Expiry Date:  Please note that recordings expire at 90 days.
Because your recordings are stored in the cloud/internet, you will need One's FibreWire Internet service so the box can communicate via the internet.

How To Instructions

Record an episode or series.

Press the REC (Record) button. If the program is part of a series, you'll be prompted to choose episode or series.
   If you choose series, the box will crawl the channels to find when and where the program is airing and create the series for you.

View recordings

1. Press the Cloud DVR shortcut button on the remote.

  2. Choose Recorded and press the OK button

 3.  Press OK on the recording you want to watch and enjoy!

Delete an episode, movie or series

Please note that once the recording is deleted, it can't be retrieved again. If you accidentally delete a recording, you can schedule to record it again if the program is airing.
1.  Press the Cloud DVR shortcut button on the remote. 

 2. Choose Recorded
 3. Choose the Recording you would like to delete
 4. Hit the OK button on the program you would like to delete 

Delete all recordings

 1. Go to the Home Menu and choose Settings 
 2. Choose Recordings then Delete all Recordings
 3. Start-> Press the OK button on the remote
View available recording time
1. Press the Home Menu button
2. Choose Settings
3. Choose My cDVR
4. Choose Recordings->Storage Info->Check->Press the OK button

I can't see my recordings.

1. If you have more than one box, check the other boxes to see if you can see your recordings on the other boxes.
   If you can see recordings on the other boxes, then a filtre setting might be on.

2. Press the cDVR shortcut button on the remote or Menu->My cDVR

3. Press the OPT (Options) button on the remote. Under Type, make sure the option All has been chosen . 


Last Channels Watched Strip

To view your last 8 channels watched:

In Live TV mode (not in a recording, Startover or VOD rental) press the X button.
The channel info and progress bar will appear. Press OK to choose one of those channels. 

To remove the last channels watched Strip:

Press the X button again.

Companion App-Swipe Channel Change

You will see left and right arrows on your mobile device screen.
Swipe right to surf higher channels. Swipe left to view lower channels.
The interface disappears after 5 seconds. Tap the screen again to see the interface.

Companion App-Create User Profile

Each app user can create their own User Profile that delivers a viewing experience tailored to the user. Each user will see their own, Continue Watching, Because You Watched and Favourites for the app. User Profiles can see other household User Profiles.
1. Open the app and tap the Menu then choose Settings
2. Tap Add Profile
3. Choose Avatar and Name