Labelled Box Diagram

Labelled Box Diagram

FibreWire TV Box Front Panel

Standby Button = Not a Power button. Standby puts the box to sleep. Unplug the power cord to turn off.

Standby Status Indicator

Green = Box is active

Red = Box is not active

Hit button to turn off Standby mode

Connection Status Indicator

Solid green = Connected to a network (not necessarily an indicator of a live internet connection)

Blinking green = A WiFi / Ethernet connection is available but not configured.

Solid red = No Internet connection or the STB is not connected to the Internet

Connecting your Box 

Cable-Make sure the cable is connected securely to the box. 
Ethernet Cord-If you are connecting your box to the internet, and the box and modem are in close proximity, we recommend a direct connection via ethernet for increased connection stability.
HDMI cord-Connects the box to the HDMI port on your TV to deliver program picture to your TV screen. Please use the HDMI cord provided as outside purchased HDMI cords may                     not be compatible.
Power cord-Make sure the power cord is connected to the box securely. 

WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) Button

The WPS function allows the box to find and connect with your WiFi network without manually choosing it and entering your WiFi password. It's like magic!