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All About My Account-Convenient Online Account Management

What is it?

My Account is an online account management tool you can access via our website or the app (search My One or One Communications in your app store). 

What can I use My Account for?

  1. Immediate bill payments
  2. View balance (current and past due)
  3. View and print historical bills
  4. View historical payments
  5. Set up automatic payments
  6. Add e-billing

How do I sign up?

2. Click My Account

 3. Click Register

   4. Complete form
       Choose Account type (Mobile, TV or Internet).  If you have all services on One bill, you can choose either option.
  1.            Enter your account number or mobile number for mobile account
  2.            Enter your last invoice number from your monthly bill
  3.            Enter a Username. We suggest something simple to remember.
  4.            Enter your email address then confirm it
  5.            Click Submit


   You'll receive a temporary password via email or text message (for mobile accounts).

   5. Log in with the Username you created and the temporary password that was sent to you.
       You'll be prompted to change your password. We suggest something simple but secure.