Email User Guide

Email User Guide

Welcome to, One's new email platform. You'll enjoy the benefits of expanded features and an increased inbox capacity.  

Where can I access and log in to my email account?

A. Visit our website and click Webmail at the top right of the home page.

   Choose Go to

   Enter your Email address and Password then click Log in.

B. Via your device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.)
     Click here for instructions on how to add your email address

Security option to enter your mobile number for password resets via text message

When you log in to your email account for the first time, you;ll be presented with the option to enter your mobile number so that you can receive password resets via text message.
This is not mandatory so if you don't want this option or don't have a mobile number, click Skip for now

To set up:
1. Choose Bermuda from the country drop down list
2. Enter your 10 digit mobile number
3. Click Save number
4. You'll receive a text message with an account verification code

5. Enter the account verification code then click Verify

Your New Home Page

Enjoy our user friendly email interface. Please scroll down to learn about the new features or click on the Table of Contacts to go directly to specific instructions.

Read emails in your inbox

Simply click on the email message to open up the message.


Click the Sort by drop down menu arrow then the desired option for how you wish to sort your inbox.

Search all email folders

Can't find an email? 

Enter the recipient or sender name or subject of the email in the search bar in the upper right hand corner then click Search.

Add folders

If you wish to organize your inbox into folders so that all emails on a subject or from a specific sender are stored in one place:

1. Right click on Inbox and choose Add Folder

2. Enter the name of your folder.
    Click the drop down arrow to choose where you want the folder to live: Inbox, Sent, Spam, etc. 
3. Click Save

Delete individual messages

1. From the left side menu, choose the location that you want to delete the message from: Inbox, Sent, etc.

2. Click the box next to the message or the message itself then choose the X from top Menu

3. Repeat for each message you want to delete.

Delete all messages

1. From the left side menu, choose the location where you want to delete all messages.
2. Tick the Sort box at the top to choose all messages in that location
3. Click the X in the top menu to delete all messages

Reply, Reply and Forward

Reply-Replies only to the sender
Reply to All-Replies to all recipients
Forward-Sends email to a new recipient(s)

1. Click on box next to message or click message itself to open
2. Choose Reply, Reply All or Forward from the top Menu
Reply or Reply to All-Recipient information automatically populates. Click Send.
Forward-Enter the recipient email address and click Send

Send an Email

1. Choose Compose in the top Menu

      2. Enter the recipient email address in the To: field and Subject

      3. Type message

      4. Click Send

Attach files to your outgoing message

         1.  Click Attach Files

      2. Choose the file from your computer

3.  Click Send

Add a Read Receipt to your outgoing message

You will receive a notification message in your inbox when the recipient has opened your email message.

      1. Before sending your message, click More in the top Menu.

      2. Choose Read Receipt

Save email message as a draft

Use this if you are not finished your message and/or would like to send it later.

Choose Save as Draft in the top Menu

View Sent Messages

1. Click on Sent in the left side Menu

2. Click box next to message or click on actual message to view

Trash Folder

All deleted messages go to this folder.

Right click on Trash in the left menu

Trash Options

      a) Filter into “Trash”-Set up filtres to automatically send messages to Trash

         b)  Purge “Trash”-Empty the Trash folder

c)  Recover Deleted Email-Recover emails deleted from Trash


Filter into “Trash

Use this to send trash to a folder or another email address.

Right click on Trash in the left menu

1.  Name Filtre
2. Complete the Criteria fields to filtre out emails from specific senders or with a certain subject or wording in the body of an email.
    You have the option to Forward messages to another email address as well. 
    Choose Delete Immediately if you don’t need to view these filtred messages. 
3.  Click Save

Purge "Trash"

Use this to delete all messages in your Trash folder

Right click on Trash in the left menu

Once you click Purge “Trash”, a confirmation box appears, just in case in you change your mind

Click OK to purge or Cancel

Recover deleted emails

You can recover items you have deleted or purged from the Trash folder up to 14 days.

Contacts Options

Add or Remove Contacts or Groups

1. Click Add Contact/Remove or Add Group/Remove

2. Complete the fields and Click Save

Settings Menu

Click the horizontal bars icon in the top right hand corner to access the following:

·        - See your inbox capacity  and usage

·           -  Set up Spam settings

·             -Update your mobile phone number (if you have chosen this to receive password reset via text message)

·             -Log Out

Settings-> General Settings
Display Preferences, Calendar Settings, Language & Date/Time Settings

Settings-> Composing Email for your outgoing messages

Reply and forward citations, signature lines, etc.


Your outgoing email message settings are defaulted but can be edited. Click Save after making changes.

Add a signature line and choose preferences then click Save

Settings->Incoming Email


Automatically send a message to people when they send you an email.

Option to always turn on or set for a specific time period

1. Settings->Incoming Email
2. Enter preferences then click Save

Forward your email to another address(es)

Option to always turn on or set for a specific time period.

1. Settings->Incoming Email
2. Enter preferences then click Save

Find Spam Settings

Choose spam filtre preferences, add email and IP addresses to a Safelist (allow) or Blacklist (block)
Settings->Spam Settings

Turn spam filtre on or off and set your spam filtre preferences

Settings->Spam Settings->Preferences tab
Click Save after making changes

Safelist/Allow email addresses or IP addresses (previously called whitelist)

This is handy if emails from certain addresses are ending up in your spam folder and you want them to be land in your inbox.

Settings->Spam Settings->Safelist

To Add email or IP addresess to your Safelist:

1. Click Add and enter the email address or IP address . There is a category for each.

2.Click Save

To Remove email or IP Addresses from your Safelist

1. Click Delete and choose the address or IP address you want to remove.

2. Click Save

Blacklist email or IP addresses

Add email or IP addresses that you don’t want to receive messages from.

To Add:

Click Add and enter the email address or

IP address under the category

Click Save


To Remove Blacklisted email or IP addresses:

Click Delete and choose the address or

IP address you want to remove.

Click Save


Change your password and update your mobile number for password recovery via text message

The Change Password feature allows you to change your password if you know your current password.

       To change your current password:

  1. Click Change It Now

 2. Enter your new password following the password requirements provided

     Your new password is rated as Weak, Good or Strong. Your new password must be at least Good to be accepted.

       3. Enter new password again in the Confirm field

       4. Click Save     

Your new password must meet the security requirements that will populate as you are typing. 

Password Recovery

Update your mobile number for password reset via text message.

 1.    Click Update Phone

 2.   Choose Bermuda from the country drop down
 3.    Enter your mobile number
 4.    Click Save number