Parental Control Settings-PIN, Rating Limits, Block Channels

Parental Control Settings-PIN, Rating Limits, Block Channels

How to Set Up Parental Controls

      1.   Go to Home Menu > Settings > Parental Control

      2.  Select your Parental Control Status; Video Block (Blocks only the TV program) or Video and Information Block (Blocks both the program and information about the program)

3.  Select your Rating limit – Access to all programs above the rating limit will be blocked based on your Parental Control status selection

      4.  Block Channels – Select channels to block – this is optional

      5.  Select when you want to Request the Parental Control PIN to be entered

      6.  Select your PIN Number – Note: The Default PIN is 1111.  You will need to enter the Default PIN to create your own four digit PIN

How to Change your Existing Parental PIN

You can change your existing PIN if you know it. If you forget your PIN, please call 700-7000 to speak with a friendly One representative.
1. Hit the Home button on your remote
2. Choose Settings then Parental Control
3. Under PIN number-Change->Click OK on the remote
4. Enter your current PIN
5. Enter your new PIN
6. Confirm new PIN
     You'll see, "PIN changed successfully". Click OK on the remote.