Troubleshooting Mobile Data/Internet

Troubleshooting Mobile Data/Internet

Troubleshooting-You can do it!
Here are some of the top issues, our customers ask about:

I can't connect to the internet.

 1. First, let's make sure your data is turned ON.
    1. Tap Settings and choose Cellular
    2. Choose Cellular Data->If data isn't turned ON, turn it ON 

   1. Tap Settings and choose Connections
   2. Choose Data Usage then Mobile Data->If data isn't turned ON, turn it ON 

 2. If that didn't resolve the issue:
     Sometimes the APN (Access Point Network) is missing or wasn't set up properly in your phone.
     The APN is what allows your SM card to connect to the internet.
    1. Tap Settings and choose Cellular
    2. Choose Cellular Data then Cellular Data Network
    3. Under APN, you should see If you don't see, enter
        The APN name is One

   1. Tap Settings and choose Connections
   2. Choose Mobile Networks then Access Point Names->You should see 
       If you don't see>Tap Add->Name=One, APN =
       The APN name is One

I can't connect to WiFi.

First, let's check your WiFi settings
1. Is your WiFi setting turned ON?
   iPhone: Settings->WiFi->ON
   Android: Settings->Connections->WiFi->ON

2. Are you already connected to a WiFi network?
    Yes-> Check the signal bars at the top of your screen. It might be that the signal is weak or has dropped.
              I have only 1 bar->The signal is weak. Choose another available WiFi network.
              I have full bars-> Check that Data is turned ON and the APN is entered correctly
    No->Tap WiFi and choose the WiFi network you want to connect to.

3. Check Bluetooth Setting
    Bluetooth (technology used to transfer data between fixed and mobile devices) can sometimes interfere with WiFi connectivity and range. 
    Turn Bluetooth OFF and test WiFi again.
    iPhone: Settings->WiFi->ON
    Android: Settings->Connections->WiFi->ON
4. Still can't connect?
   Call 700-7000 to speak with a friendly One representative.

My mobile data/internet is slow.


Are you connected to your home WiFi network or an outside WiFi network or the One mobile network?

A. My home WiFi network
First, let's start at the source-speed delivered to your modem.
1. Check the connections between your computer and the modem (coax cable, power cord) and ensure the modem is securely connected to the power cord.

2. Unplug the power cord from the modem for 30 seconds then plug the power cord back in.
Your modem can take up to 10 minutes to restart so hang tight.
3. Let's do a speed test!
A speed test will verify speed you are getting to the modem. It's best to run the test from a direct connection to your modem.
If you don't have a laptop or desktop computer connected directly to the modem, use your smartphone at your modem location.  
Click here to start your speed test.      

4. How is the coverage in your home? 

 5. Next-let's check your mobile device (smartphone, tablet, laptop)
B. An outside WiFi network

2. Next-let's check your mobile device (smartphone, tablet, laptop)

C. One mobile network

    2. Next-let's check your mobile device (smartphone, tablet, laptop)

My WiFi signal is weak/drops off in certain locations

Do you have OneHome WiFi?
Yes! Try moving your beacons to another location then test to see if the signal has improved?
No: OneHome WiFi is a smart WiFi system that creates seamless coverage in and around your home. 
       Visit a retail location to sign up and take your eero units home to self-install. It takes about 10-15 minutes to set it up. 
Modem location: Your modem should be in a location central to the users in your home and should be in an open area where the signal can communicate freely.
If you have another cable outlet, try moving the modem to see if the WiFi range is stronger.