Troubleshooting No Signal or SOS Screen Message-Dual IMSI App

Troubleshooting No Signal or SOS Screen Message-Dual IMSI App

No Signal or SOS Message on Screen Display

Possible causes:

  1. Loss of connectivity to the network due to location
  2. Necessary refresh of your mobile profile on our network
  3. Damaged SIM card
  4. SIM card setting

If the customer reports poor signal or no signal, gather information from the customer:
1. How many signal bars do they see? 
2. In what locations does this occur?
    If the issue only happens in a specific location then the issue is signal related vs. SIM or device related. 

Dual IMSI SIM Application

The Dual IMSI application is smart software that is is included in the SIM card. It tells the SIM to connect to local networks while in Bermuda and tells the SIM to connect to either direct or indirect roaming roaming partners while the customer is overseas.

What's the difference between a Direct and Indirect Roaming Partner overseas?

Direct Roaming Partner is an overseas carrier that we have made an agreement and have a direct relationship so our networks talk directly to each other. When customers travel to areas where the Direct Roaming Partner offers coverage, the SIM will automatically connect to their network as a default. Our subscribers are identified as Bermuda subscribers to the partner

An Indirect Roaming Partner is an overseas carrier that has relations with a host operator and not us. Our subscribers do not look like Bermuda subscribers to these partners and are hidden behind the host operator for services.

How to Troubleshoot

1. Power the mobile device off for 1 minute then power it back up again.
    You can also turn Airplane or Flight mode on, wait then turn it off again.
    Both will refresh the mobile profile on our network.

2. If that doesn't resolve the issue, remove the SIM card, wait and then reinsert it.

3. Still see No Signal or SOS? Let's check your SIM card settings.
    On your mobile device, you will see an app called CellOne Application. Normally this is a white icon with a small gold SIM card.

    Tap the icon

If theythe customer doesn't see the CELLONE Application app icon on their screens:
Android: Settings->Apps
iPhone: Settings->Cellular->SIM Applications-> Roaming Settings

Choose Roaming Setting. This application tells your SIM to connect to a local One tower or, if you're roaming, one of our direct roaming partner carriers overseas.

Enter the PIN 0770

You should see an asterisk beside CELLONE IMSI. If the asterisk is beside another setting, choose CELLONE IMSI then check your screen display and signal bars.

If this hasn't resolved the issue, please call 700-7000 to speak with a friendly One representative.